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Connect: The power to work together

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During a major event, our software-as-service’s power increases exponentially when organizations can work together to locate missing family members or loved ones. Our latest release enhances our solution with what we call Connect. It empowers organizations to create their own private, secure network of organizations working together.

This enhancement allows each organization to find other organizations using Connect and send them a Request. The Request is delivered electronically, and when approved by the other organization, our People search can be broadened beyond the boundaries of their location to include the other organization. This process can be repeated to create a network of organizations covering a county, region, state, and beyond.

Only approved team members at each location can make a Request or approve one within our Family Reunification Service. It’s also important to note that the data shared is the reported person’s request for information, and each organization can use the search results only to determine if they have located the person. Once a person is located, the status of the reporting person request is changed to Located, and that status is shared so that Connect organizations that may have duplicate requests from other friends or family know the person has been located and can turn their efforts to others. The responsibility to communicate with the person or person’s reporting is still safely in the hands of the organization running the FRC (Family Reunification Center).

An example of how Connect would be used is a region where there is a university, multiple hospitals, and emergency management teams, all using our Family Reunification Service as part of their FRCs. Friends and family members choose different locations to submit their requests about missing family members. Once located by one of the organizations participating in Connect, they change the status of the reporting person’s request to Located. When other organizations participating in Connect search for a similar person, they are aware, in real-time, that that person has been located, and they can turn their attention to others who still need to be located.

Our vision is to continually improve the process of reunifying family members or loved ones or, in the case of tragedy, at the very least, reduce the angst that comes from not knowing.

At Elev8 Technologies, we are not done and have much more on the horizon. We possess a clear vision and a roadmap that now serve as our mission to enable us to continually improve our service and aspire to be a dedicated partner in Family Reunification.

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